My name is Marcelo, and I'm an e-commerce marketing consultant. I integrate with existing teams in growing small-and-medium size businesses to fill in skill gaps and fix problems.

You can think of me as a "technical marketer" -- basically a tech nerd that brings you more business.

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I work primarily through referrals. Torrance, CA

Available in Q4 2024 for new engagements

core Services

Professional marketing and e-commerce services.

E-Commerce Consulting

Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce services. From replatforming to ongoing maintenance and optimizations.

Google Ads (AdWords)

Over 12 years experience and $7 million in ad spend managed. Specialty: Google Shopping ads, and search ads (including local).

Microsoft Advertising (Bing)

Over 11 years experience. $900k in ad spend managed.

Conversion Optimization

Proven site-wide and checkout  experience adjustments with analytics and A/B testing to back it up.

Web Performance Optimization

Page load and server speed optimizations for Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Various levels of complexity.

Amazon Seller Central

Consulting services for selling on Amazon as a marketplace seller, including Amazon Advertising management.

auxiliary Services

Additional ways I can bring value to your organization.

Google Analytics / Tag Manager

Analytics reporting and implementation with a focus on maximizing conversions and finding revenue opportunities.

E-Mail Marketing / Retargeting

Project setup and ongoing optimizations for e-mail marketing. Retargeting campaigns, implementations, and automation.

Website & Server Updates

Platform and plugin updates, maintenance updates, software backups, and other miscellaneous website tasks.

IT & Networking Support

Windows / PC environments only. SMB network setups, WiFi installation, VOIP phones, QuickBooks, and basic networking.

360° Camera & Streaming Services

Google My Business 360 photography for physical retail locations. Streaming video services for remote or on-site events.

What I don't work on

Some types of work aren’t really in my lane, so I’m putting them front and center for full transparency.

  • Social media postings and campaigns, influencer marketing, viral marketing.
  • Video ads, media buying, and display ads.
  • Enterprise-level work that requires more time doing pretty reports than knocking out action-items.
  • Working on start-up / bootstrap / brand new projects that rely on revenue-sharing.
  • Off-page SEO, content creation, article writing, or press releases.
  • Graphics and fully custom web designs. I can connect you with the professionals and communicate with them on your behalf to get it done.
  • Any services for competitors of existing clients.

software & Services

E-Commerce Platforms

Magento (Adobe Commerce)

Unmatched for medium and large businesses with existing business processes, large catalogs, IT resources, and unique business needs.


Fast-growing, easy to use e-commerce platform. Recommended for smaller operations that are finding their niche.

WordPress with WooCommerce

Solid option for businesses that require more flexibility than Shopify but not as much as Magento.

PPC Advertising & Marketing Service Providers

Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

The unrivaled leader in driving pay-per-click traffic to e-commerce stores and physical retail locations. Extremely expensive and high maintenance, but will perform if setup properly.

Microsoft Advertising (Bing)

Much less expensive than the market leader, and may perform for certain niches. Generally recommended after all options are exhausted within Google Ads.

Facebook / Instagram Ads

I have experience with remarketing only. Target your store’s visitors and customers on these platforms to remind them of your products and services.

Current Clients & projects

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